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Course Structure

Scenario Role-Play in English Class

Courses are most effective when booked blocks of, for example, 10 to 20 sessions consisting of 90-minute units each. Progress tests monitoring the learning success of the participants are recommended. Unless otherwise determined, company trainings take place on the premises of the firm in question.


An individual plan is drawn up for each contracting party to ensure the most effective and pertinent training. The course structure, the length of the course, and the learning material and methods used are jointly determined between the contracting party and Toenjes English Services.


Immersion in English


To guarantee that the trainees get the most out of the course, we provide for an English-speaking environment in which each individual trainee is allowed a maximum amount of speaking time. By constantly engaging them in all course activities, the trainees are equipped with an elementary but key tool for learning any language.


The training sessions are characterized by highly diversified content. Oral exercises could include small talk, presentations, debates and simulation of daily business situations. The primary goal of these exercises is to provide the trainees with complete self-assurance when speaking English at their workplace.




Course content is determined and prepared according to your needs. Especially for companies or individuals seeking a greater amount of flexibility, virtual courses (telephoning or emailing) can be carried out in a way that neither disturbs the working schedule nor robs the participants of valuable evenings after work.

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