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Business Communication

Replying E-Mails
  • Improve your speaking and email-writing skills in 10 simple steps

  • Proper email etiquette

  • Avoid common mistakes

  • Key phrases for telephoning and emails

  • Save time when communicating in English

  • Role-playing real-life telephoning situations adapted to your job

  • Practice writing emails related to your business correspondence

Answering the phone or writing emails in English can be challenging even for more advanced learners. This course aims at equipping you with the speaking skills that will enable you to know what to say at the right moment and boost your confidence when you’re back at work. You will engage in real-life telephoning situations adapted to your needs to solidify the newly acquired language skills and taught techniques for speeding up the writing process in English. The course also focuses on how to write clear messages, using correct syntax, grammar, and vocabulary and how to overcome common mistakes. By the end of the course, you will be more self-assured when dealing with the daily business of international communication.


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