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Blended Learning

Online English Courses

With blended learning, conventional classroom teaching is merged with the latest advances in digital technology. You are provided with a greater degree of flexibility. Face-to-face classes with a teacher in a traditional classroom setting are carried out in combination with independent online study. The interactive digital course material is geared towards enhancing each individual participant’s learning capacity, guaranteeing steady and methodical progress and high levels of achievement. Your advantages include:

  • 15 bi-weekly classes with a teacher

  • 30 online lessons

  • Systematic online training for grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and writing skills (with individual assessment)

  • Online reading and listening solutions

  • Focus on business communication and specific content related to your industry, company and department

  • Personal online trainer for each participant

  • Continuous adjustment of online course according to the learners' rate of progress

  • Midterm and final evaluation tests

We work with a market leader in online courses, offering the most complete solution for blended learning.


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